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We <3 hot underaged British boys.

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[14 May 2004|07:23pm]
bedtime fun

hehe like the title? :p
check out those muscles!
and i'm just lovin' that hat on rupert *has dirty thoughts*
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[14 May 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

a cool pic of dan hanging with the Harry Potter doubles!

bowling anyone?

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[11 May 2004|03:28pm]
[ mood | PERVY ]

pure unadulterated hot sexCollapse )

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from teen vogue [07 May 2004|09:31pm]
wow! sorry ladies! i've been way behind.

but just for you lovelies

bad boys!Collapse )

MAJOR droolage!

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[24 Apr 2004|07:21pm]
[ mood | lusty ]

ladies...may i present...
rupert in BED

good morning hot stuff haha

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[23 Apr 2004|07:24pm]
[ mood | perverted ]


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[22 Apr 2004|05:16pm]
not very clear but gotta love that smile!
ron <3
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[22 Apr 2004|12:01pm]
why do i love this group of pictures so much?
is it the sexy leg ron's giving me hehe
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[21 Apr 2004|11:25am]
what is he? a kabuki doll? hehe :p

miss radcliffe
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[13 Apr 2004|10:49am]
[ mood | geeky ]


how freaking yummy are they?!?!?

i sooooo can't wait until may 9th!!!!

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[11 Apr 2004|05:06pm]
[ mood | devious ]

what dan and rupert look like trying to get away from usCollapse )

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[11 Apr 2004|07:39am]
a little tom felton for you while you drink your coffee and read the paper:

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[09 Apr 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | pervy! ]

hi everyone i'm new here. i'll probably post something pervy
at least every five minutes hehe.

has everyone gotten a good look at the posterbook pics?

my favorite: ronlicious

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Dan/Emma shippers [11 Nov 2003|02:55am]

Okay, maybe not strictly in keeping with the HUBB theme, but it has Daniel Radcliffe in it, and I thought that it was a cute article, if probably baseless.

I stumbled across this last night, going through friends of friends of friends pages. What? I have to procrastinate somehow. Anyhow, when I went back this morning to link to it, the site was down, so I pulled the image out of my temp files and uploaded it to my server.

The article is now here, though I originally got it from here, should the site restore itself.

Rough translation from German, made to resemble English mag writing style as much as possibleCollapse )
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[06 Nov 2003|08:30pm]

Hee! is all I have to say.
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Woo! Hot Dan! [29 Oct 2003|06:59pm]

New picture of Dan up here. Mmm! Raar!
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[22 Oct 2003|06:40pm]

There's a short interview with Daniel Radcliffe up here that sort of amused me. (Fair warning, if your computer is posessed like mine and convinced that you're in the UK and redirects you to the UK site, you'll have to fight your way back to the American site to see it.)

But, um, I can't be the only one who thinks that it's really really cute that he's learning how to play bass, can I?
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HA! [04 Oct 2003|01:32pm]

Excerpt from The Herald Sun:

"I love my cars," Tom Felton, who plays Draco, told the Sunday Herald Sun.

"I have a black BMW 316 Estate for my training car while I'm 16 and I'm looking at getting a 1.8 sports coupe for my first proper car."

Draped in a gold necklace and matching bracelets, with hip polo shirt and trainers, Felton looks more like a big-time street rapper than the Hogwarts bully.

No less sophisticated is Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter. At 14, one of his favourite movies is the raunchy R-rated Y Tu Mama Tambien Alfonso Cuaron made before he took over directing duties at Hogwarts from Chris Columbus.

He named Jane's Addiction, the Libertines, Rage Against the Machine and the Darkness among his favourite bands.

Rupert Grint, 15, who plays Ron Weasley, is a crack pool player -- he has a table in his dressing room -- who has taken up golf.

And Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) loves dancing: "While I'm here, I have lessons -- modern, street, body popping, break dancing and that. Back home I just hang out with my friends."

But, at 13, what appears to thrill Emma most is that she is no longer the shortest of the three main characters. "After all these years of being the shortest, Dan has come to face the fact that I'm taller than him," she said.

"By half a millimetre," Radcliffe pointed out.

The part about Tom Felton cracks me up. He has bling-bling! Bling-bling! HA!
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Yay! Boys! [21 Aug 2003|02:46pm]

For interest's sake, this is probably my favourite picture of Daniel Radcliffe. He's just too adorable for words. The hair! The smile!
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[21 Aug 2003|02:13am]

Oh, y'all. This is so sad! I just googled "Underage British boys", and you know how many hits I got?



Moreover, "Hot British boys" leads to a bunch of BBMak fansites. If you modify it to -BBMak, you get a pathetic 26 results. Am starting to suspect that we may be more alone than we thought.
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