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Dan/Emma shippers

Okay, maybe not strictly in keeping with the HUBB theme, but it has Daniel Radcliffe in it, and I thought that it was a cute article, if probably baseless.

I stumbled across this last night, going through friends of friends of friends pages. What? I have to procrastinate somehow. Anyhow, when I went back this morning to link to it, the site was down, so I pulled the image out of my temp files and uploaded it to my server.

The article is now here, though I originally got it from here, should the site restore itself.

Captions, from top left:

Professor McGonagall lectures Harry for nearly being late to class.

The Knight Bus saves Harry after he curses Aunt Marge...

...But without a ticket, it won't run for the young wizard.

Emma Watson threatens Tom Felton with magic from her wand. Was he jealous of Daniel?


Secret love on the set?

Does he have a girlfriend? This question was asked of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe again and again. And again and again his answer was "I'm too young for that!" When Bravo visited "Harry Potter 3" shortly after he turned 14, Daniel surprised us with a new answer to the question: "That's private!', it's still a secret. Is it because of the rumours? That Dan and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in the films) were a couple? Emma openly admits: "Yes, I am in love - With someone who works here!" We think it could be Daniel...

About the new film, Daniel gives clearer answers. The Prisoner of Azkaban is the darkest of the series so far. Dan: "You know from the book that the Dementors are intense. I didn't see any, though, as they were all developed on the computer." Emma adds; "I saw a few designs of the Dementors - The purest horror. Under their black hoods, you can't recognise their faces. I'm glad that they're not real." At the end, Daniel reveals more: "I will fly again in the fourth film on the 'Nimbus 2000' - And Emma will be there again, also!" And they will get to know each other even better. . .

/end article

All typos, translation errors, et cetera are mine mine mine. Apologies for any innacuracies, but I figured that it was worth posting anyhow. Incidentally, Bravo seems to be a German magazine, much like Teen People or some such. So not really the most reliable source, but the image of Harry on his ass at the door of the knight bus was making me laugh, and I figure that even if the rest of the article is rubbish, that's a funny picture. Because I'm mean. Also, I'm bored, and y'all went to bed, and I figured that translation's as good a pasttime as any.
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